Water, Sand and Salt

Over a dozen beaches at different points of the city make Santander into the ideal destination for beach-lovers. They are characterised by their fine, golden sand and their scenery that is a mixture of the sea and the mountains that charm you from the very first moment.

If our beaches are famous for something, it is for the care we take of them and their facilities. Over the years, the city of Santander has made a great effort to offer quality, safe and accessible beaches. In addition to the lifeguard services, showers, public transport and parking, it is worth mentioning that an increasing number of the beaches offer leisure areas, such as libraries and playrooms, adapted bathrooms and services with amphibian wheelchairs to make bathing easier for people with reduced mobility.


Los Peligros:the beach that is closest to the city centre. Although there are several theories regarding its name, the most accepted on is that it refers to the danger for boats due to its shallow waters, where they can easily run aground. It has a car park, a walkway that leads to La Magdalena and floating platforms for water games. It has all the facilities.

La Magdalena

La Magdalena: At the foot of the Magdalena Peninsula, it has all the facilities and the added value of have a large grassy area. Due to its location, sheltered by the bay, it is an ideal beach for families with children.


Bikini: Famous for being the first beach in Santander to see women wearing bikinis – the reason behind its name. With calm waters and a gentle breeze, it has all the facilities. It is accessed through La Magdalena.


El Camello: It owes its name to the rock to the right of the beach that is easily visible at low tide, which looks like the profile of a camel. This beach is frequented by families and players of ‘palas’ or beach tennis, a sport that is played all year long in Santander. It has a large amount of facilities, including a car park and a bar.


La Concha: In the middle of the Sardinero you will find this peaceful beach with moderate waves. Its name is taken from the shape it had it times gone by. In addition to the regular facilities, it offers the possibility of sunshade rental.


First Beach of El Sardinero:  In its day, it was the beach the nobility visited to enjoy ‘Sea Bathing’. It covers a surface area of over 2.800 m and has a pleasant seafront promenade. It has all the facilities. A lift has recently been installed to make access to the beach easier for people with physical disabilities.

Sardinero 1

Second Beach of El Sardinero or also known as the Playa de Castañeda : Separated from the First Beach by the Jardines de Piquío, if the first beach was for the nobility, the Second was reserved for the common people. It is the town’s largest beach and it has all the facilities, along with a children’s playground. In its vicinity you will find bars and restaurants, a large car park and a park.


Los Molinucos: This small beach is located on Cabo Menor and it is just 25 m long. It is isolated and has no services. Access is through the Parque de Mataleñas or using the walkway that goes around the edge of Cabo Menor.


Mataleñas: Located in a cove surrounded by cliffs, it can only be accessed using the steep steps. In spite of this, it has a high occupation due to the views, which are impressive. It has all the facilities and is very close to a campsite and to the Cabo Mayor Lighthouse.

El Bocal: It is in the town of Monte. It is isolated due to the lack of signs. With moderate waves and fine, golden sand it is ideal for those seeking peace and quiet. It has few facilities and only has a lifeguard service on Saturdays and Bank Holidays.

Rosamunda: Little known, even by the people of Santander, it is isolated and solitary. Located in the rural setting of San Román, at times the high tide hides it. It has no facilities and can only be accessed on foot.


La Maruca: Nestled in a rocky area with very beautiful scenery in Monte, this small beach has a car park, adjacent bars and restaurants and the cultural attractions created by the estuary and the San Pedro battery. It has a lifeguard service, toilets and daily cleaning.

Virgen del mar

Virgen del Mar: It is located next to the hermitage of the Virgen del Mar, in a setting where the waves of the Cantabrian sea beat against the rocks. It is a very clean beach, with fine, white sand that disappears at high tide. It has good facilities.

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Playas Accesibles

Playas Accesibles
Playas Accesibles