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Click on the video and put your phone horizontally to enjoy a walk through the Magdalena Peninsula from all corner.

Santander 360

Feel the beauty of Santander in 360. A city full of light, history, colour and life in every way.

Centro Botin in 360º

The Botin Centre becomes a tourist resource of excellence for Santander.

Esplanade of Gamazo

Do you want a corner where you can lie down, breathe fresh air and listen to the sound of the sea? The Gamazo esplanade is the perfect place.

Palacio de la Magdalena in 360º

A movie setting where you can relax with views of the sardine, the bay and the Cantabrian Sea...

Reina Victoria - Duna Zaera in 360º

Enjoy a walk through Reina Victoria and the Zaera Dune in 360º. You will fall in love with the beautiful views of the bay, one of the most beautiful in the world...

The Cabo Mayor Lighthouse in 360º

The Cabo Mayor Lighthouse, an imposing lighthouse, located in a landscape where you can walk and lose yourself along its paths with views of the Cantabrian Sea.

Mataleñas in 360º

Let yourself be carried away by Mataleñas with its green landscapes, its cliffs and its movie sunsets.

Senda Norte in 360º

The true green lung of Santander, the Senda Norte Path, the most natural and valuable space, but at the same time the most unknown.