The Weather

A temperate climate with mild temperatures

Santander is characterised by its mild climate, with very pleasant summer and spring weather conditions. The average daytime temperature is from 21 to 243C. It cools down at night, a characteristic of the city. Tourists from areas with more extreme climates usually say that “It is great to be able to sleep with a blanket in July and August.”

In the wintertime, the mild temperatures are maintained; the days are warm and somewhat rainy, but Santander is known for its weather that can completely change during the same day. It can be drizzling and cloudy and suddenly the north-easterly wind arrives and we see the characteristic blue skies of Santander in midwinter.

It is a city with a climate for all tastes, but always mild and pleasant, which allows Santander to be visited at any time of year, depending on the weather you like best.

You can consult the weather forecast for the next few days here: AEMET forecast