The Journey

What you need to know before travelling to Santander

Santander is the capital city of Cantabria and, throughout its history, it has spread along the coastline. Its marine and harbour character have determined its urban appearance, stretched out in the search for water. Built on hills, the steep slopes or ‘pindias’ as they are known in the region, have also influenced the shape of the different districts. The affection for the bay, the only south-facing one in the North, has forged a unique personality, full of contrasts.

In recent years, the Cantabrian capital has also become an important cultural reference point, thanks to an intensive agenda, which, over the year, attracts a large number of visitors.


Weather conditions: The weather in Santander is characterised by mild temperatures – ranging between 25º C in the summer and 10ºC in the winter.

Currency: The Euro, the commonly-used currency in many European Union Countries.

Accessibility: The streets of Santander are becoming increasingly accessible to all citizens. Added to the improvements in the districts through urban renewal projects, are the small actions by the Urban Observers Programme. Likewise, all the traffic lights have devices for people who are visually impaired and there are a rising number of adapted taxis.