Cantabrian Maritime Museum

It shows marine life and all forms of man's relationship with the sea

In its more than 3,000 m² of exhibition space, the museum shows marine life and the relationship between man and the sea throughout history. Its collection began to be assembled in the 18th century and later grew thanks to the collaboration of important groups.

The size of the collection and its diversity make it possible to divide the marine exhibition into four sections: 'Life at sea' (Nature-Marine Biology), 'Fishermen and fisheries' (Fishing Ethnography), 'The Bay of Biscay and the sea in history' (Maritime History) and 'Technological avant-garde facing the sea' (Maritime Technology).

Among other spaces, its large aquarium stands out, which can be enjoyed from a small tiered seating area. Large marine species are the protagonists of this natural space, which is completed with smaller aquariums in which we can admire striking fish in detail.

Access to the museum is via the east side through the Plaza de los Calafates, from which emerges the skylight through which natural light enters the large marine aquarium tank, located on the semi-basement floor.