"Man and the Sea" Museum

An open-air museum

The "Man and the Sea" Museum is an open-air exhibition that brings together different elements that pay homage to the nine expeditions carried out between 1966 and 1992 by the Santander-born navigator Vital Alsar Ramírez.

This exhibition is made up of:

  • The three galleons that Vital Alsar used in his oceanic adventures: the "Ana de Ayala", the "Cantabria" and the "Quintus Amazonas".
  • A replica of the wooden raft on which he crossed the Pacific in 1970.
  • A rescue bubble that was towed by the galleon "Cantabria" for more than 7000 miles.
  • A bronze map showing some of the routes taken by Vital Alsar.
  • A bronze mermaid, this is the figurehead of the "Marigalante", the work of the Mexican sculptor Enrique Jolly.

Museo "El hombre y la Mar"

This museum is in an exceptional setting, as it is located inside the Peninsula of La Magdalena, next to a large terrace with views of the Sardinero.