City Centre

Travelling around the city

This is the area where the commercial and leisure activity is concentrated. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here.


1. Plaza del Ayuntamiento
One of the most sites most visited by tourists and the favourite meeting place of the people of Santander.

2. Mercado de la Esperanza
Located behind the City Hall, this modernist building is one of the largest food markets in Cantabria.

3. Shopping streets
Around the plaza del Ayuntamiento, you will find a myriad of streets with a very varied offer of shops.

4. Church of el Sagrado Corazón
Neo-gothic in style, inside the colourful paintings by Heinrich Immenkamp and the twelve pillars representing the twelve apostles stand out.

5. El Arrabal and Calle del Medio
These are two of the oldest streets of the city. In times gone by they belonged to the ‘Barrio del Mar (Sea District), where the fishermen and net-menders lived. Today, it is one of the favourite areas for many people in Santander to have a few snacks or glasses of wine.

6. Mercado del Este
Located in the centre of Santander, between the Plaza Porticada and the Plaza Pombo, it includes an extensive offer of restaurants, specialised shops and even an exhibition hall.

The Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology of Cantabria is located n the Mercado del Este. A space covering 2000 m2 that exhibits pieces from periods ranging from the Upper Palaeolithic to the Middle Ages.

8. The Botin Foundation
This building is the family home where Don Marcelino Sanz de Sautuola, the discoverer of the Prehistoric Caves of Altamira lived. It is the head offices of the Botin Foundation and it offers many cultural activities, from exhibitions to concerts and theatre plays.

9. Plaza de Pombo
One of the most charming squares in the city due to the amount of childhood memories associated with it. Even today, the Sunday morning tradition of swapping collectable cards continues.

10. Club de Regatas
Located in the plaza Pombo, the Club de Regatas, also known as Casa Pombo, is the city’s oldest recreational society.

11. Plaza de Cañadío
Just behind the plaza Pombo one of the most popular squares in Santander can be found, as it is one of the meeting places to enjoy the city’s nightlife.

12. Regional Film Archive
If you go to Puertochico from Cañadío or the Plaza Pombo, take this chance of losing yourself in the streets. One of them is Bonifaz, where the Film Archive is located, perfect for film buffs.