Mariana Pineda Air Raid Shelter

Santander, a bombed city during the Civil War

During the Civil War, 114 shelters were built all over the city, one of which was found and recovered during the remodelling works in the Plaza del Príncipe.

This 68-square-metre Civil War air-raid shelter was built in the spring of 1937 to protect the population from air raids.

Refugio antiaéreo

During the visit you can see three audiovisuals made with photographs and historical images, ambient sound, different objects and testimonies of witnesses that help to reconstruct the period of the Civil War in which Santander remained in the rearguard, but in which it still suffered numerous air raids.

Its exhibition contents are adapted to the original spaces of the Refuge and, divided into thematic blocks, inform the visitor about the most relevant events of the Civil War in Santander, the daily life of the people of Santander during that period and the devastating effects of the bombings on the population.