Palace of Riva-Herrera

The oldest civil construction in Santander

The Palace of Riva-Herrera or Enclave Pronillo, located in the General Dávila Street, is an architectural treasure declared an Asset of Cultural Interest.

Originally a medieval tower, it was in the 16th century that it underwent a significant transformation at the hands of Fernando de la Riva-Herrera, general supplier of the Armadas del Mar Océano. This illustrious personage gave the building a new image, adding a palace to reflect his distinguished social position.

Palacio de Riva Herrera

It is also home to the SmartSantander Demonstration Centre, a space dedicated to innovation and technology that stands as a meeting point for Santander's technological revolution and its progress.

Inside it houses several multifunctional spaces, including a large open-plan space, a classroom with two separate spaces, two smaller ones, a 16th century chapel used exclusively for video art or performance projects, and an outdoor garden space.


To immerse oneself in this place is to immerse oneself in the history, culture and dynamism of Santander, where the past merges with the present in an environment full of inspiration and possibilities.