Exhibition and Conference Centre

A large multi-purpose space

The Santander Exhibition and Conference Centre is one of the reference venues in El Sardinero for all kinds of cultural events, conventions, fairs and exhibitions.

These 6,400 m2 facilities are located in an avant-garde style building designed by the architect Gabriel Gallegos Borges with the support of Juan Carlos Sanz Blanco, which was awarded the 7th Architecture Prize.

Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos de Santander

The project shapes the volumetry of the Palace as a metaphor for the orography and climatology of Cantabria. A mountain whose staggering facilitates the flow of rainwater, which is collected by the pond that presides over the square at the entrance to the building.

In its different spaces there are regular cultural events, some of them of reference, such as ArteSantander which, every summer, fills this space with the most avant-garde artistic proposals from the local, national and international scene.

Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos de Santander

It is also a meeting point for major exhibitions such as the immersive exhibitions that have taken place in this space, among others, those related to the works of Van Gogh or Klimt.