Santiago Revuelta Cycling Museum

A walk through the modern history of cycling

The Santiago Revuelta Cycling Museum has become a place of worship for cycling enthusiasts, as it houses an impressive collection covering all aspects of this exciting sport.

With over 300 bicycles, from historic models to the latest technological innovations, along with 400 professional cyclists' jerseys and 10 classic vehicles from iconic teams such as the R12 and the Peugeot 505, this museum is a real paradise for two-wheeled enthusiasts.

The exhibition is presented in thematic zones for a complete experience: from the fascinating variety of bicycles and classic vehicles in the Bicycles, Classic Vehicles and Sports Equipment section, to the collection of historical documents and valuable objects in the Documents and Valuables section. In addition, the car collection features five vehicles from the Teka team and one from the Kas team, offering a unique insight into the history and glory of professional cycling.

Museo del Ciclismo

Inside the Museo del Ciclismo de Santiago Revuelta  you can also enjoy indelible memories of José Manuel Abascal, one of the best middle-distance specialists. His speciality was the 1,500 metres, in which he won the bronze medal in Los Angeles in 1984, and share with everyone the photo with his most precious medal.