Anatomical Pathology Museum

A very rare facility and one of the best internationally.

The Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital is home to the Museum of Pathological Anatomy. It is an exceptional facility, very rare worldwide and one of the best internationally, together with the museums of Pathological Anatomy in London, Buenos Aires and Mexico City.

The Valdecilla Anatomical Pathology Museum stands out for the number of pieces it exhibits -more than 400-, their variety and interest, as they show a large number of pathologies, from malformations to vascular alterations, immunoallergic disorders, inflammatory processes, tumour lesions..., etcetera. And also exceptional cases, very rare in the world, such as a cyclops.

The organs on display in the museum come from both living patients (biopsies) and deceased patients (autopsies). Organs collected since 1969 from more than 13,000 autopsies and biopsies can be seen in the museum.

All of this has been duly documented and organised to make the visit more accessible, and has so far been enjoyed by a variety of audiences, from medical and biology students to hospital residents, private individuals and secondary school students.

The visit lasts approximately 1 hour and is guided and scheduled, in groups of between 8 and 10 people. The minimum age to enter the museum is 15 years old.

Visits, by appointment, usually take place at the following times: 11:00/12:00, 12:00/13:00, or 15:30/16:30.