Coastal Interpretation Centre

A place on the Cantabrian coast that aims to raise awareness of the marine environment

The Coastal Interpretation Centre, located in the old coastal defence battery of San Pedro del Mar, in La Maruca, is hosting an exhibition entitled "Coastal Heritage of Cantabria", which summarises the characteristics of the Cantabrian coast and organises children's workshops and guided tours to raise awareness of the coastal environment that surrounds us.

The exhibition "Coastal Heritage of Cantabria", makes a complete journey through the history of the Cantabrian coast, from its geological origin to the present, describing the type of flora and fauna that inhabit it and the different uses that have been given to it by human beings throughout history. The last part of the exhibition deals with issues of conservation and environmental awareness.


The centre also hosts the exhibition "Costa Quebrada, Parque Geológico", which includes a model of the coastal area comprising the park, and a set of panels explaining the geology and biodiversity of this area.

From the terrace of the building, accessible from the outside, there are unique panoramic views of the San Pedro del Mar estuary.