Ciriego Cemetery

A museum open to heaven

Ciriego Cemetery is one of the most beautiful necropolises in Spain where you can enjoy spectacular views of the Cantabrian Sea and is included in the European Cemeteries Route.

Witness to the history of Santander since 1893, the Santander necropolis is home to a valuable cultural heritage whose enhancement has made it worthy of becoming part of the European Cemetery Route.

Cementerio de Ciriego

It is an open-air museum that we can walk through while we discover hundreds of stories. Illustrious characters, family pantheons and marvellous sculptures can be admired in this Santander necropolis that treasures the best works of the region's most famous architects, master builders and marble workers, such as Valentín Ramón Casalís, Emilio de la Torriente, Miguel Doncel, Manuel Casuso Hoyo, Alfredo de la Escalera, or Javier González de Riancho.

The necropolis has a cross plan in its central part, organising the funerary space with a network of streets and inter-alleys that form various blocks.

Throughout the year, Ciriego Cemetery organises guided tours of its facilities and different cultural activities.

Cementerio de Ciriego