Central Library of Cantabria

A large library offering a multitude of exhibitions

The Central Library of Cantabria (BCC), located in Ruiz de Alda Street, stands as a temple of knowledge and culture in the Cantabrian capital.

To enter the BCC is to dive into a sea of knowledge. Its holdings cover a wide range of disciplines, from literature and history to science and technology. Among its bibliographic gems are incunabula, ancient manuscripts and rare books of great historical value.

The BCC is not only a traditional library, but also a dynamic cultural centre that offers a varied programme of activities. Conferences, workshops, exhibitions, concerts and book presentations, among others, are the proposals that fill its spaces with life.

Biblioteca Central de Cantabria

The building that houses the BCC is an architectural work of great value. Built in the neo-Mudejar style in 1900, it was originally the headquarters of the Tabacalera Cántabra. During the Civil War, it became a prison for Republican prisoners and, when the war ended, it was converted back into a warehouse until 1986. Subsequently, it was refurbished and became what it is now: a large library that also offers a multitude of exhibitions with the aim of bringing culture closer to the citizens.

Its imposing façade and interior spaces filled with natural light create an atmosphere conducive to concentration and the enjoyment of culture.

Inside, exhibitions are common and it has several rooms for this purpose, for example, in the Concepción Arenal temporary exhibitions of different disciplines of plastic and visual arts are usually shown and, in the Piti Cantalapiedra, exhibitions produced by the Central Library itself and the Provincial Historical Archive in which its bibliographic and documentary collections are displayed and different literary anniversaries are celebrated.

Biblioteca Central de Cantabria

The Central Library's regular programme runs throughout the year and includes film screenings, storytelling and literary events.