Sports and History

Travelling around the city

A 7.9km walk full of sport and history.

We started at the Old Bellavista Hippodrome, located near the Cabo Mayor Lighthouse, it was a sports facility dedicated to horse riding. Currently there is no memory of it.

A few meters away is the Municipal Golf Course, one of the first in Spain. Without a doubt, a unique opportunity to play golf with unbeatable views.

If we go down to El Sardinero we arrive at Mesones Park, where the sports fields of El Sardinero were formerly located; in fact, hidden among its hedges we can discover a corner pennant as a vestige of that field. Today, it is one of the most popular parks, especially in summer. It has a large esplanade of grass and an artificial pond.

The Sardinero beaches that are right next door are perfect for surfing.

They say that it was in Playa del Sardinero, there in 1964, where Jesús Fiochi surfed for the first time in Spain.

The Sport Palace is another enclave that cannot fail to appear on our route. It houses the Sports Museum that takes a tour of the history of sports in Cantabria and exhibits the trophies, kits and objects donated by the great athletes of the region.

Formerly in the Magdalena Peninsula there was a Polo Field. Today it has become a large leisure area that hosts concerts, sporting events and other activities.

The 2014 World Sailing World Cup was held at the Gamazo Dam next to the CEAR de Vela. The CEAR offers different options for practicing sailing. Sailing courses are offered throughout the year that we adapt to all audiences and levels. It is also the training base of the Spanish Olympic Team.

The last enclave is the Calderón Dock, where the trawlers sail very close.

The traineras were boats that were used to fish thanks to their resistance to the force of the Cantabrian Sea. Currently, they are used for competition, very popular in the northern strip of Spain.