El Sardinero

Travelling around the city

Its name is due to the fact that, in olden times, large amounts of sardines were fished in its waters. This itinerary starts at the curve of La Magdalena and it continues to the Second beach of El Sardinero. On this route, you will discover an elegant space full of history.


1. Playa del Camello
It takes its name from the shape of one of its rocks, located to the right of the beach. Here “informal” competitions of ‘palas’ or beach tennis take place, a very popular sport in Santander.

2. Playa de la Concha
Called the ‘Shell Beach’ due to the shape it had in former times, it has all the services and when the tide is low, you can walk to the First beach. In former times, alongside the beach, the San Roque Hermitage was found, built in 1870; in its place you will see some gardens that retain the same name.

3. The First and Second Beaches of El Sardinero
The First beach is, without any doubt, the most iconic one of Santander, as the nobility and gentry visited it. The Second beach was reserved for the common people. Today, all are welcome to enjoy the fine, golden sand.

4. Gran Casino Sardinero
Opposite the First Beach, its classic lines turn it into a clear example of La Belle Époque. Built in 1916, it remained open until 1939. After many ups and downs, it was reopened in 2001. Currently, it also has an exhibition hall, a cafeteria and a banquet hall.

5. Plaza de Italia
This square is found at the foot of the Gran Casino, where many take advantage of its benches to sit and enjoy an ice cream from the nearby ice cream parlours.

6. La Fuente de Cacho
It is found close to the Gran Casino and the Auditorium and it is so important that there is a popular song with its name. Even today, it is usually sung at key events such as the rocket launch announcing the start of the city’s festival or sporting victories.

7. Los Pinares
Next to the Fuente de Cacho, is the park of Los Pinares, which is quite unusual due to its pronounced slope. It has a children’s play area, a rest area and a traditional bowling alley. The large amount of pine trees turns this space into a place for enjoyment and just breathing. The villa “Los Pinares”, a work by the architect Valentin Lavin Casalis, is a good example of mountain architecture.

8. Jardines de Piquío
These gardens separate the First and the Second beaches of El Sardinero and they are ideal for strolling. Thanks to the viewing point, you may contemplate one of the best views of the city.

9. Parque de Mesones
Located between the Second Beach of El Sardinero and the playing fields of ‘El Racing’ football club, it is one of the most popular parks, particularly in the summer. It has a large lawn and an artificial pond.