Cabo Mayor

Travelling around the city

This route goes from the end of El Sardinero to the Lighthouse. Along the way, you will find small beaches, cliffs and parks. This route is highly recommended for nature-lovers and photographers.


1. El Chiqui
Viewing Platform It offers a panoramic view of El Sardinero. It takes its name from the hotel located just behind it.

2. Mataleñas
Walking Path If you go back the way you came, you will see a roundabout; cross the road and go up some steps that will lead you directly to this path. It will take you to one of the most beautiful places in Santander: Cabo Menor.

3. Parque de Mataleñas
You can enter this park through the many access points along the path. It includes an extensive green area, equipped with a children’s play area and from which you can enjoy some impressive views. Additionally, if you are a sports-lover, at one end of the park, surrounded by nature, there is a 1,200 metre running track.

4. Playa de Los Molinucos
You can reach this beach from the park or by following the path that goes around the edge of it. This small beach with fine, golden sand disappears at high tide.

5. Cabo Menor
Continue along the walking path until you reach a viewing platform. From here you will be able to clearly see the face of Corocotta, a famous Cantabrian warrior, drawn by the profile of geographic accidents.

6. Mataleñas Golf Course
This golf course is located behind the viewing platform. It is one of the first public courses in Spain. The diversity of its grounds allow players the possibility to use all their golf clubs.

7. Playa de Mataleñas
Continuing along the path, you will reach the Mataleñas Beach, an ideal place to enjoy amazing views while you have a swim.

8. Tirolinas Go!
If you follow the road, you will find a pine grove, in which this park is located. A good option for those who love physical activity or for families with children.

9. Cabo Mayor
With a height of over 30 metres, it is the most important lighthouse in Cantabria. Built in 1839 in the same place where, for time immemorial, signals were made to the ships, using flags during the day and with fire at night.

10. Cabo Mayor Lighthouse
Con más de 30 metros de altura, es el faro más importante de Cantabria. Construido en 1839 en el mismo lugar donde, desde tiempos remotos, se hacían señales a los barcos con banderas por el día y con fuego por la noche.

11. Cabo Mayor Lighthouse Art Centre
Inside the Cabo Mayor Lighthouse, you will find this museum specialised in the icon of the lighthouse and all its symbolism.