Manuel Sánchez Monge Exhibition Hall

A multi-purpose space next to the Cathedral

The Manuel Sánchez Monge Exhibition Hall is located in the building of the Cathedral and Diocesan Historical Archive of Santander, next to the Frontón del Cristo Air Raid Shelter, in Obispo Juan Plaza Street, next to Santander Cathedral.

It is a multi-purpose space which, in addition to exhibitions, hosts other types of events such as conferences and workshops.

The aim of this exhibition hall is to disseminate the rich ecclesiastical heritage of the city and of Cantabria, as was done, for example, in one of its first exhibitions which, under the title of The Sacred Bible, exhibited beautiful copies on loan from the Menéndez Pelayo Library.

Sala Manuel Sánchez Monge

For more information, please call the following telephone number: +34 942 226 024 .