Paraninfo of the University of Cantabria

An academic space dedicated to culture

The Paraninfo of the University of Cantabria, located at number 6 Calle Sevilla, emerges as a symbol of academic excellence and a nerve centre for the cultural life of the region. With its imposing presence, this building not only hosts academic events, but also becomes the setting for exhibitions, conferences and book presentations, attracting a wide audience eager for knowledge and culture.

Inside, in the central courtyard, it houses the permanent exhibition "Love Peace and Hate War" made up of five frescoes (Pain, Destruction, Flight, Soldiers and Hunger) that the Santander painter Luis Quintanilla painted, commissioned by the Spanish Government, for the 1939 Universal Exhibition in New York.


In front of the Paraninfo, another building stands out and captures the attention of passers-by with an exceptional mural. This work of art pays tribute to fourteen Cantabrian writers whose work has left an indelible mark on the region's literary history. This mural not only beautifies the surroundings, but also celebrates the cultural and literary richness of Cantabria, recalling the enduring legacy of these talented authors.