Gamazo Buildings

Contemporary Art Centre

The Gamazo Buildings stand out as an architectural heritage that connects us with the vibrant industrial history of our city.

Named after Germán Gamazo, a prominent Minister of Public Works during the Sagasta period, these imposing structures cover almost 1,000 square metres between them. Witnesses to the passage of time, they were erected in the 20th century, with the older one dating from 1908 and its smaller counterpart built in 1950.

From July 2021, these historic warehouses have acquired the purpose of becoming the Santander headquarters of the ENAIRE Contemporary Art Collection. This change of function has transformed the space into a vibrant cultural centre, where contemporary artworks find a home within the walls that once housed industrial activity.

It is a unique opportunity to explore the fusion of past and present, where industrial architecture intertwines with contemporary artistic expression, offering an enriching experience for visitors eager for culture and creativity.

Naves de Gamazo