Firefighters Museum

The history of the Fire Brigade, linked to the catastrophes that have marked the city

The Santander Firefighters' Museum, housed in the Exhibition Hall of the Municipal Firefighters' Park, is presented as a space dedicated to honouring the heroism and bravery of those who faced the challenges of fire in the city's history. Its main focus is the devastating fire that consumed Santander in 1941, as well as the memorable act of courage during the explosions of the steamship Cabo Machichaco, where the different fire brigades played a crucial role in extinguishing the fire.

The exhibition offers a detailed overview of these historic events through an impressive collection of photographic documents, utensils, vehicles, service reports, personal accounts of the firefighters, clothing and maps of the period. This collection of elements seeks to contextualise the magnitude of the tragedies and the human and technical resources available at those critical moments, while also explaining in a didactic way the repercussions that the fires had on the future of the city.

Beyond this initial exhibition, the project aims to establish the Santander Firefighters' Museum, conceived as a space for education and reflection which, through the history of the firefighters and the catastrophes that have marked the city, will contribute to a better understanding of the current context of Santander.

Among the most outstanding pieces that make up this exhibition are the following:

  • 1912 Merryweather pump-car.
  • 19th century riveted leather hoses.
  • A mid-19th century hand pump.
  • Steam pump from the 19th century, acquired by the Town Hall in 1894.

Museo de los Bomberos

These historic relics are not only objects of interest for their antiquity, but also silent witnesses to the dedication and sacrifice of those who fought the fire to protect the community.

To visit this exhibition, it is essential to make an appointment in advance. If you are interested, please call the following telephone number: +34 942 200 826.