Sculpture Museum

Permanent exhibition of sculptures donated by Manuel Cacicedo

The single-family house where Manuel Cacicedo and his sister Mercedes lived is today the Sculpture Museum which houses the famous works of the Cantabrian sculptor.

Located in San Román de la Llanilla, this space exhibits more than 200 pieces donated by the artist himself, including his pieces, as well as plaster casts, moulds and tests.

The exhibition includes some 50 works from the sculptor's legacy, which are exhibited on the ground floor and on the upper floor, in four different areas. A very important remainder of more than a hundred pieces, plaster casts, moulds, tests, etc., are located in the basement, as a workshop, a work area, which could in the future be used as a small exhibition hall for installations or exhibitions of sculpture by young artists, or to exhibit the pieces presented today with greater security.

Among the works on display that can be visited, the following stand out: Cristo crucificado. 1960; El Prendimiento. c. 1967; Busto de Cristo. c. 1967; Rostro de Cristo. c. 1965; Desnudo femenino. 1945; Desnudo femenino. c. 1944; Desnudo femenino. c. 1943; Angelines (Busto). 1944; La lechera. c. 1982; Ángeles tañendo instrumentos. c. 1970; Pedro Cacicedo. c. 1965; Lucinda Canales. c. 1965; Pareja (Pedro Cacicedo y Lucinda Canales). c. 1965; Pedro Cacicedo. c. 1965; Los hijos del astronauta. 1972; o El reposo. c. 1962, among others.

Manuel Cacicedo

The museographic project, the technical direction of the House-Museum, the distribution of the works and the assembly have been carried out by the MAS.