Fernando Ateca Cultural Centre

It includes a permanent exhibition by Matilde Camus.

Located in the Monte district, this three-storey cultural centre has the following spaces:

  • Ground Floor: Library, with an interior garden at the back; Matilde Camus Space, (permanent exhibition), a Multipurpose Room, and Gym.
  • First Floor: Assembly Hall, with a seating capacity of 81 seats, and a temporary exhibition hall.
  • Second floor: It is entirely occupied by the Cueto - Monte U.T.S. premises.

Centro Cultural Fernando Ateca

Inside is the "Espacio Matilde Camus" where part of Matilde Camus' most important work is exhibited, with some manuscripts, notebooks, notes, her typewriter, prizes, portraits and other personal belongings of the poet and researcher.

For more information, please call the following phone number: +34 942 203 069.