Audiovisual resources of the city of Santander

We have filmed Santander from various heights to offer a different point of view of our city. We have light aircraft flights, images from vessels in the bay and shots taken using a telescopic pole. All filmed in 4K and exported to FullHD.

If you wish to use these images in your projects, please fill in the application form. You will download a Creative Commons licence document that rules the uses derived from the video. This document must be signed and delivered in order to receive the images.

Non-commercial uses, attributing Santander City Council as the owner of the images are permitted. If you wish to use this material for a commercial use, please specify this in the application and we will contact you to set forth down the conditions.



In Santander, we align all the actions and communications that we carry out to ensure that everything we do and say is not only coherent, but that it also contributes actively to making our purpose come true: making a better city.

If you need any further information, please contact us.